Peehole Play and Cervix Stretching

If female peehole play alone isn't enough for you, I have a very weird BDSM clip for you today. Today we'll be mixing peehole sounding with cervix play and cervix stretching. She has giant piercings, tied to string, holding her floppy pussy lips open, and there's some speculum play with the cervix penetration. This is the same woman from the stretched vagina orgasming video. She is definitely a kinky freak and this is not the last we'll be seeing of her.

I'm pretty sure cervix penetration scars your insides up; I also just can't imagine it feels good. There's a reason having a baby hurts and dilating the cervix takes so long. cervix penetration with speculum holding her open.

My vagina just aches watching this. And I don't mean good, moist aching. I mean, gasping and holding my vagina kind of like men do when they get kicked in the balls. I imagine the pain in my ovaries from watching this is about similar.
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